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SMOOVE ONE Alber INVACARE, We sell electric wheelchairs

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SMOOVE ONE Alber INVACARE, We sell electric wheelchairs


With SMOOV one you can make those long walks in the city that you liked so much come true. It's perfect to help out when you're out and need help. From trips and buses to curbs or store entrances with steps: SMOOV makes your daily life much easier and saving unnecessary physical effort. You have simplified to connect the control unit via Bluetooth and you can go.

SMOOV one tenth of a range of up to 20 km, and its powerful engine can support up to 140 kg in weight. You can set the speed with the control unit and stop and the emergency case. The LED display shows the battery status of the remote and the SMOOV.

And anytime, anywhere you can attach and decouple the SMOOV, thanks to its hitch system and its carrying handle. It is easy to remove even while sitting and the chair. In addition, tenth and weight of so sun 7.2 kg. It is very easy to transport thanks to its reduced weight and its carrying handle.

The SMOOV is very light and robust enough for daily use. This is thanks to the high quality materials used and their manufacturing. Its design is very modern and discreet and is compatible with most active chairs on the market.

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