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First of all, when choosing a hospital bed it is important to know the location

of the bedthe size and height we need.

We must also take into account if we want it with wheels, to move it easily

when cleaning and the type of braking of these.

Safety is important, so if the bed has a safety rail, this is

It will give us greater peace of mind and if it is foldable, it will not be

uncomfortable when it comes to serving the user.

We distinguish four types:

There are fixed slatted beds, this type of bed is made up of a metal structure

or wooden, with railings on one or two sides, the bed base is rigid and does not allow raising

neither the headboard nor the feet.

The articulated manuals consist of the basic structure and in this case, the bed base,

It is articulated in two planes. The user has more comfort because it can be incorporated

and raising your feet, it is a basic bed, because it is a type of manual joint.

The electric articulated beds are very comfortable and incorporate 5 articulation planes

From a remote control, without getting out of bed, the patient has autonomy and can be coupled with: headboards, footboards, handrails, incorporator ...

Hospital beds with lift carts usually have folding handrails, articulated bed base

and electric and in addition, they can be raised in height offering maximum comfort when getting off and on the bed and no physical effort is required when moving the user.