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What do you need the crane for? If you only need the lift to change the dependent

person's diapers, we recommend a standing lift. If you are going to use it to move

your family member from the room to the shower, the toilet or the dining room,

we recommend choosing a transfer crane.

How much space do you have at home? If your house has sufficiently wide

doors, you can opt for a versatile and / or folding home-type transfer crane.

If you have little space in the rooms, you can choose a ceiling lift, less practical,

but also effective.

In what physical condition is the user of the crane? When buying an assistance

lift you must take into account the weight of the patient and their degree of mobility.

He thinks that a crane for an overweight person will not be the same as a crane for

a person with a standard weight or that can facilitate their own transfer. Depending

on your degree of mobility and the ease of putting on the harness, you should choose

a manual or an electric lift.

Standing lifts leave the patient standing, hips and legs free, making it easy to

undress before taking them to the bathroom, changing diapers or grooming.

Standing lifts are the most versatile, they go from sitting to sitting position

(chair to armchair, chair to toilet, etc.) and they are not a good alternative if our

objective is to put a person down and lift them out of bed, since we would have

to incorporate the patient previously.

Standing lifts are recommended for patients with some mobility who can stand upright

with assistance.

The transfer lifts are recommended for people who do not have a trunk control or

who must be handled with an integral kangaroo type harness.