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The largest personal mobility stores chain


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After being confined, it is time to go out into nature and enjoy the natural beaches,

the coves, the mountain routes, do you think it is not very accessible?

Get to know ADAPTED TOURISM V3 and you will stop thinking about it.

With AMIGO 24 you can plan your trip for this autumn, if we could not enjoy

the summer as we would like, plan this Fall, a safe and adapted October

long weekend, rent a scooter or a chair, we have shops all over Spain, plan your route,

choose your AMIGO 24 and enjoy.

Get lost in the forest, there are accessible routes, for example in

La Calderona and even adapted Yoga retreats, good food, meditation, dream places.

Buy a scooter and enjoy your autonomy.

At AMIGO 24 we have a great variety of scooter, if you are an off-roader and you

like to enjoy the outdoors, the countryside, the mountains, the outdoors, we have

scooters that offer comfort on all types of terrain. We also have small and

medium scooters if your style is more urban, with which you can take walks

on the beach, visit a museum, get lost in a shopping center and load it

at home in the simplest way and even transport it in the trunk when you

go to family reunions or traveling to the airport or train station. There are

many hotels adapted for you, find them for example at we

can help you realize the dream of exploring and discovering

Spain, Europe, or the world.