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Things to keep in mind when choosing a RAMP

1. Width of the ramp A ramp for wheelchairs for personal use is not the same as one for public or collective use. If we need a ramp for a single person, we can choose one that is 120 cm wide. If, on the contrary, we need it for collective use, we will have to expand the dimensions and reach a minimum width of 180 cm.

2. Length of the ramp The longer it is, the easier it will be to navigate. How to calculate its length? It will be necessary to:

3.Measure the height to save. In the case of steps, we will measure the height of a step and multiply the resulting figure by the number of steps

Measure the length or space available in front of the obstacle to be cleared.

 For autonomous use, the maximum recommended slope is 10%.

 For assisted use, the maximum slope should be around 20% but never exceed 25%.

On routes or lengths less than 3 meters, the appropriate slope should be less than 10%.

 In routes or lengths of 3 to 6 meters, the appropriate slope should be around 8%.

3. Weight to bear Before choosing a ramp, we must take into account the kilos that it must bear. To calculate it, We must add the weight of the wheelchair or scooter and that of its user.

4. How we will use it Although all wheelchair ramps are designed to facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility, each one is intended for a different use

Folding ramps It is one of the most requested ramps for wheelchairs with easy transport and storage. It can be folded in half, it can be stored and, since they are not fixed, They can be used both in homes and in vehicles.

Telescopic ramps Like the folding ones, the telescopic ramps are light, easy to transport and are designed to be used in any place and situation. These, as they are deployable, they can vary in length and adapt to different slopes. Double their length in extension and have a non-slip surface to improve traction and prevent falls.

Roller ramps They are lightweight, portable ramps for wheelchairs and, thanks to their roll-up folding system, very easy to transport and store

Ramps for thresholds These ramps for wheelchairs have been designed to overcome small slopes such as the steps at the entrance of shops and homes. They are light, can be located indoors or outdoors and are easily fixed to the ground to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility.