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Thinking of a childhood without games is practically impossible for us. In fact, 

playing is something natural for children and, as such, it is recognized in

the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, specifically, in its article 31.

Aside from being a form of fun and recreation, playing also influences

the physical, emotional, personal and social dimension of children. The game

contributes to their motor development by promoting nervous maturation and

stimulating coordination. On the other hand, it helps children to express their emotions

and feelings, as well as being a tool that helps them identify, experiment and discover their

capacities and limitations. Play can also be considered as a representation of the world

and society, which helps children to better understand their environment, to build a context

for their reality and to interpret their own experiences. In addition, during play children are

"forced" to interact and resolve conflicts and situations independently, which favors their autonomy.

The benefits of the game:

  • Develop creativity.
  • Help children deal with conflict.
  • Build confidence.
  • Increase concentration.
  • Improve communication.
  • Facilitates the development

of social skills. It encourages the acquisition of values ​​such as respect or tolerance. Why choose

nclusive toys Integration through play is a reality. In fact, many studies indicate that dolls that

represent diversity favor the development of children by increasing their empathy towards others.

By buying inclusive toys, you can also take the opportunity to contribute your bit to society:

Playmobil tried to encourage attention to diversity by including, among its articulated figures,

a blind princess, a cowgirl in a wheelchair and one with headphones. Lego City, for its part, also

added a wheelchair to its collection, an example would also be "Super deaf" (a tale of a superheroine),

"Marta's shoes" or "My brother has his own car", are some examples of gifts that encourage diversity

and that, in addition, will bring out your most supportive side.