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What are the differences between Scooter Leo and Scooter Colibrí from Invacare?


Both the Colibrí Invacare scooter and the Leo Invacare scooter are scooters of a compact size and,

in addition, both can be disassembled for easy transport and take it wherever you want. These scooters are designed

to take up as little space as possible at home and carry them comfortably in the trunk of the car.

Their dimensions are very similar, but there is a small difference in their overall width.

The Leo scooter has a total width of 59 cm, while

The Colibrí scooter has a smaller overall width, 52cm. Regarding the length of these scooters,

we also see that the Leo scooter is 122cm long, while the Colibrí scooter is 101cm long. In conclusion,

the Invacare Colibrí scooter has smaller dimensions. Although there is not a very significant difference,

they are measures that you should take into account if you are going to use it for small spaces,

for example, to enter an elevator or go through doors.


Both models have gel batteries. In the case of the Colibrí Scooter, these batteries are easy to remove

for easier and more comfortable transport. On the other hand, in the Invacare Leo, the batteries are not removable.

The batteries of the Colibrí scooter are 2 and you can choose 12 ah (with a range of 11 km) or 18 ah

(with a range of 16 km), while the batteries of the Invacare Leo Scooter are 2 of 36 ah. It has a range of 38 km!

If you are looking for an electric scooter to take long walks and not be aware of the kilometers, the Leo Scooter will be your best option.


When we look for a compact scooter, in addition to the measurements, we look at its total weight.

Compact scooters are currently on the rise and as light as possible. Both can fit inside this type of

scooter as they can be disassembled and are easy to transport. As they have gel batteries, these

Invacare electric scooters are not the lightest that we will find on the market, but they are a good

option if we are looking for a scooter that is somewhat more robust than the folding ones. The weight

of the Colibrí scooter is perfect for transport. It weighs from 45.7 kg to 48.9 kg, depending on the model

you choose. On the other hand, the Leo scooter, being more robust, is somewhat heavier.

Its weight is 83 kg.


Both Invacare scooters have a wide range of options and accessories that you can choose from

when making your purchase. Both the Colibrí scooter and the Leo Scooter have the option

to choose: seat cushioning, pole holder, oxygen bottle holder or basket, among others.

There are certain items that are not available on both models and are as follows:

  • Walker or rollator support: only available on the Leo scooter.
  • Cup holder: the Leo scooter is the one with this optional accessory.
  • Rear View Mirror: Again, the Leo scooter is the one with this option.
  • Front basket: available on the Colibrí scooter. But currently they have incorporated it as an option

to the Invacare Leo Scooter. Where you can also choose a rear basket and, also, a front or rear trunk

with closure. Both models of electric scooter can be chosen with 4 or with 3 wheels. If you need personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us and our specialists will help you choose the perfect model.