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The aspects that at AMIGO 24 we believe you have to take into account

when choosing yours are:

 The mobility capacity of the user

 It is important to assess mobility and functionality, we recommend chairs

that offer all the benefits but that can adapt to the loss of progressive

mobility associated with age. Degree of autonomy It also depends

on whether the user has help getting around. In this case, a good alternative

to get around is a small rear wheel manual wheelchair. In other circumstances,

an electric wheelchair with a large wheel manual or passenger control may be

more recommended.


 When we talk about the size of the wheelchair, we refer to the width of the seat.

This is important because if your hips rub against the side armrests, ulcers may

appear in the area or if the seat is too large, the user may adopt bad postures.

Ideally, measure the width of the user's hip and add to this measurement between

2 and 4 centimeters that will serve as a margin when it is warmer.

 Amount of time or use the user will spend in the wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair for a user with a certain degree of autonomy is not the same

and for eventual use, to buy a wheelchair for continuous use. In the second case,

the best option is a positioning wheelchair. The positioning chairs are recommended for

users with reduced mobility or that require efficient postural control. Normally, they have

backrest recline and seat tilt, and allow adopt different positions to relieve pressure

and facilitate care. For this type of user, we also recommend other aids such

as anti-bedsore cushions that allow pressure redistribution at critical points reducing the

risk of ulcers, are an important element for elderly people with reduced mobility

and who they use a wheelchair, both electric and manual.

Where will the chair be used?

There are electric indoor chairs these chairs are smaller, and can handle without

problem in narrow spaces such as corridors or bathrooms.

 And the electric indoor and outdoor chairs that usually have suspension and wheel drive

to adapt to all types of terrain.